What Inspired The Look For Royal Highness AZ Royal Lipglosses

It's funny how we get accused of copying another "Brand's" look. That really cracks us up.

Sis, we do us. Trust that!

We created Royal Highness AZ in honor of sisterhood. Every woman, young lady or girl are Queens or will evolve from a Princess into a Queen. 

We wanted a look that represented that. In additional, we wanted to bring a unique look an feel too.

So, in the 1992 movie Death Becomes Her starring Bruce Willis (no relation... well I don't think), Meryle Streep and Goldie Hawn there are these vials.

That was the inspiration behind our packaging, not some Name Brand person who we don't know and who doesn't know or even thinking twice about us. 

We don't need to copy anyone, sis. We do us and we know what inspired us to do what we do and to create the packaging that we chosen for our products.

I hope that gives you some background to our packaging inspiration for the Royal Shiny Glosses & the soon to be released Royal Matte Glosses.

Other future collection packaging will be different. We like to keep a fresh unique look to help you distinguish between the special/limited time lip gloss collections we launch. But rest assured they are going to always look like Royalty because they were created for you sis!