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Narria Lash - Dibereta Rose

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Narria Lash was designed with small eyes in mind. Our 100% mink lashes are cruelty free.

How to Apply

First take the lash and measure accordingly. Trim lash to the size of your natural lash.  Pro Tip: Use your favorite eyeliner before placing lashes as a guide. Pro Tip: For thin lashes, use Crown Mascara first to extend your lashes to better see where you are placing them. Take our Mermaid Xtra Hold Lash Glue and apply across the band, wait a few seconds before applying. Take your lash applicator or tweezers to apply the lash as desired. 


  • Cruelty Free
  • Cotton Band
  • 15mm 3D lashes (brings out small eyes)


Please store this product in a cool dry place. Keep lashes protected in case when not in use.


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